Ask the Audience

Ask the Audience:

In a story I am currently working on that takes place in the Primal Age there is a King Cheetah cub. If you have no idea what that looks like there is a National Geographic picture here. I am offering a chance for any reader to offer a name suggestion for this female king cheetah cub. The way this will work is I will open this post to comments and anyone can suggest a name. I will then select the three I like best and place them in a voting poll for the public to decide.

The cub is named by a little boy, and I would like the suggestions to not be human names.  If I select your suggestion, and I get lucky enough to find a home for this piece of work, I will credit you with a special thanks.


Good luck


17 thoughts on “Ask the Audience

    1. More for you from second graders: Spotter, Zippy, Zadie, Spots, Cheese, Ringer, Violet, Duchess, Solo……and one my sisters kids said to name it Nina…LOL

    1. My first suggestion is Mephistopholes. But since it’s a young boy naming the cub, I’m leaning toward Batman, Thor, Peter Parker, Tigger, Pooh-Bear, simply Bear, and Marshmallow.

    1. Listen Eric Diamond, you can’t shorten my suggestion and make it your own. Let’s make this even: I also suggest Phist and Jinxs 😉

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