Survival Tip #4

Survival Tip #4:
Far more important than what weapon you are carrying is what you are wearing. Now this will vary greatly based upon which climate zone you plan to make your stand in or more logically where you reside at the onset of the Primal Age.

The coat is the topic for today. This is your outer shell, and the first layer of defense against the elements. Now your choice of coats can vary based on your survival strategy, but over all a few key stats should be factored in to this decision.

First, and the stat that really can’t be argued, is be sure it is water proof. Easy way to find out of your coat is water proof; go stand in the rain. If you get wet, either water proof your coat or find a new one. A water proof jacket is good more than the obvious. This can serve as an extra layer of protection between you and a wet ground.

Second, something that isn’t standard on all coats, but should be on your survival coat is a hood. Simple math denotes that a couple ounces for extra wind, water, and snow protection is an easy choice.

Third, pockets. With pockets the logic is the more the merrier, and especially if they have the ability to be zippered or buttoned. If they can’t be sealed, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to add your own button hook, but I digress. The more pockets you have the more required to survive gear you can keep attached to your body at all times. This will not substitute for your survival pack, but in the event you need to abandon your pack your life could depend upon the contents of an extra pocket.

Fourth, and this one is relative the climate, but does the coat have an insert? This is an easy way to get a cold weather coat and a warm weather jacket for less space and weight.

Overall weight for your load out is extremely important. Each ounce you carry you will carry with you step after step until you settle or longer if you are the eternal wanderer type. As with most things, the lowest weight for the required functionality should be sought. The coat isn’t where you should skimp on weight though.

Flexibility is important whether you are the fight type of flight type. Make sure you still maintain full range of motion in your coat.

Escapability. I have no idea if that is a word, but I’m going to use it. No gear is ever worth dying for, so make sure you can get out quick.

In summary, you want a water proof coat, with a hood, that has many pockets, is easy to move in and escape from, that isn’t excessively heavy, and possibly has an insert.

Feel free to argue any points, add any recommendations, or suggest a coat.


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