Survival Tip #6

Survival Tip #6:

Pants. To avoid discussing the same statistics as I did for coats, please see Survival Tip #4 for duplicate details.

Bite factor is the new addition we are going to discuss. The question this asks is: Can the article of clothing withstand the bite of a human mouth? We are discussing this because you never know when you could be facing a zombie infested Primal Age.

Material such as shark suits, chainmail, or protective attack dog pants could promise the safety of bite protection, but they will also have drawbacks in movement stats. On a smaller scale try biting through your jeans and see how long it takes you to tear through. Other materials, like denim, still offer some protection without compromising as much movement. Like most things this should come down to personal preference. If you feel safest in yoga pants because you can’t be easily grabbed and can run as if you were naked, go for it. If you’d rather stand there like Iron Man beating away the hapless zombies at your feet, that’s your choice as well. However I suggest a middle ground.

The next piece of advice will dovetail into my suggestion. As unfashionable as pants that have zip off lower legs are, don’t write them off as an option. I suggest wearing them if you don’t already have a predisposition to something else. This is because they are wind proof, water proof, light weight, have plenty of pockets, and the duality of switching between shorts and pants.

Now I don’t recommend shorts very often, as exposed skin is always a danger even without zombies, but when it comes to shallow streams and safer conditions where you need a quick cool down they are practical. Also the legs can double for many other purposes such as: water sack, sleeves, pillows, tourniquets.

If something else works better for you don’t feel obligated to follow my suggestion.


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