10 People Who Show Up To Every Off-Campus College House Party

Thought Catalog

Alright, so if you’re doing things right, by junior year you should be living in an off-campus house with some of your boys (If you’re still living in a dorm: Stop reading this article immeditiately and reassess everything in your life up until this moment.) Now, at some point you and your boys are going to look around at your stately abode— the vast empty living areas, the beer-pong ready kitchen tables, the big open basement— and you guys are going to have the sudden urge to throw a party. Don’t worry. These urges are healthy and I urge you to act on them. But be warned, gentlemen, this is a college party. So for those among you who picture their college house parties looking something like Jay-Z’s Grammy after-party, here’s a reality check. I present to you the 10 types of people you should expect to definitely show up…

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