Survival Tip #7

Survival Tip #7:


These options vary greatly based on your location and season. Since I’m going to talk about inner shells later as a group, I’m going to look at this as if we are talking about as a primary shirt and not something you are wearing under a coat or jacket.

Since this is your primary shirt aka outer shell, all the traits discussed in Tips #4 and #6 apply (Minus the short/pant conversion)

A topic that hasn’t been talked about yet but is important with clothing is breathability. Something that wicks sweat away from the body and helps disperse excess heat is an important consideration.

Your primary shirt should always be a long sleeve. Exposed flesh is like holding a t-bone steak in front of a dog and then wondering why he ate it. Even in a Primal Age without zombies you should still keep your arms covered. There are plenty of other things that can kill you and long sleeves provide protection to the sun, wind, cold, water, snow, and brush.

Feel free to get a long sleeve that you can roll up for versatility. Also, I know many of you are thinking I’ve got a great long sleeve Under Armour, now isn’t the right time to bring that out. A second skin is not recommended as a primary shirt because of the lack of pockets. A primary that isn’t skin tight allows for an inner shell to be worn under.

A collar on your primary shirt goes a long way. Think about how annoying sunburn is now when your life isn’t on the line every moment of every day. Be smart, don’t red neck.


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