Survival Tip #8

Survival Tip #8:

Cotton Kills. Avoid cotton for all your clothing choices.
You have many options for shoes but sandals are not one of them. Leave the open toed shoes out of the Primal Age.

The biggest thing with the shoe is make sure they fit and are broken in. Take it from me, climbing mountains with bleeding feet gets old fast. You want the shoes to be waterproof yet breathable.

Know your body’s strengths and weakness when picking a shoe. If your ankles roll easily, go with a high topped hiking boot. If you can leap from rock to rock with ease a solid trail running shoe with a rock plate is probably a wise pick. I suggest shying away from steel toed working boots, just because they are not as conducive to running, but if they are your thing that’s your choice. Make sure with whatever shoes you pick they are practical and comfortable.

Socks. Take a high sock that is either synthetic or smart wool. This offers a little extra protection to your lower leg and also will wick moisture and heat away from your feet. DO NOT WEAR COTTON SOCKS.

Inner shell. This covers tops and bottoms. The inner shell is your second skin. This is a good time for dry fit clothing, because it helps keep the elements away and also removes sweat and excess heat. When it comes to tops I suggest going long sleeve just for optimum coverage, but if you’re a shirt or no sleeves fan, that’s your call since this layer should never be on top. On your lower half pick your favorite brand of compression shorts.

Female articles…I’m not that stupid to post anything on that. No matter what I say I’ll be wrong. Female survivalists feel free to add this info in the comments.

Gloves. These are mostly dependent on your climate and season but a pair of gloves should always be worn. Keep in mind you never want to be too hot, you want to be able to move all five digits, and you want as much touch sensitivity as possible. Good test for this is if you can tie you shoes with your gloves on, you may have a winner.

Hats are something you should always wear. Baseball caps offer sun protection. Beanies offer warmth. With the amount of variety in hats it’s a matter of matching your wants with your needs. Find some that work for you and break them in. These are also a big factor in your Primal Age “look” but that will come later.

Eye glasses/sun glasses. If you wear contacts now you want glasses for later. Even if you carry your weight in contacts you’ll run out sooner or later. Also a backup set of glasses is always wise. Even if you don’t need glasses, sun glasses are a great thing to bring along. Make sure they are the type that will fit to your face and not fall off easily when running. Other than that the choice is yours.



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