Ultimate Primal Age Survival Team

Ultimate Primal Age Survival Team

Folks, I’ve got an idea. March Madness is over, and it’s still a while until fantasy football. I figured we should have something to amuse us for the time being.  Later this week I will be discussing the selection of the team that you wish to face the Primal Age with, but I would like to give everyone some entertainment with this topic. With you help I would like to create a March Madness bracket for the ultimate Primal Age survival team.

boxing (2)

My goal, which I know is lofty, is to get 64 selections from fiction. I will then put them in a head to head bracket until there is only one; a Primal Age death match if you will.

Based on the selections suggested I will put together a four division bracket and will post the match ups in a voting process, until the best character left standing.

Once I have the selections I will post up the bracket, and a rolling schedule for the show downs.

So, pick your favorite people from books, tv, movies, video games, that you think would be great selections for a survival team and list them below. Please give me the character name and what they appear in so I can make sure I am educated in each of them. When making your selections, keep in mind things like magic or super hero powers do not translate into the Primal Age, however if such characters have other traits that make them suitable for the Primal Age feel free to select them. Also, remember this isn’t a cage match, this is a showdown of survival skills. If someone else makes a suggestion you agree with, feel free to duplicate their answer as seeding will be based on how many times a character is mentioned. This will remain open until I have 64 different selections. Let’s have some fun with this.


37 thoughts on “Ultimate Primal Age Survival Team

  1. William Wallace- Braveheart
    Picine-Life of Pi
    Tom Hanks Character-Castaway

  2. abraham lincoln, rick grimes from walking dead, Tallahassee, Wichita, Little Rock, and Columbus from Zombieland, game of thrones people, star wars characters, star trekkies, lord of the rings, walter white from breaking bad. that’s all i got

  3. Rambo
    Strengths: Special Forces Trained, General Badass

    Weaknesses: Vietnam flashbacks can cause him to lose his cool

  4. Natty Bumppo/Hawkeye from THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS (James Fennimore Cooper)
    Sherlock Holmes (A. Conan Doyle)
    Katniss Everdeen from THE HUNGER GAMES (Suzanne Collins)
    Lisbeth Salander from THE MILLENIUM TRILOGY (Stieg Larson)
    Phillip Marlowe (Raymond Chandler)

  5. Jack Bauer – 24
    Bruce Wayne as Batman with all equipment
    Smith – Shoot ’em Up
    Michael Westen – Burn Notice
    Bryan Mills – Taken

  6. Jack Reacher, John McClane of Die Hard, Mad Max, Laura Croft, Macgyver, Dr. Quinn medicine woman,

  7. Abigal Whistler/Blade Trinity
    Nurse Lt. Evelyn Johnson/Pearl Harbor
    Aeryn Sun/Farscape
    Selina(catwoman)/The Dark Knight Rises
    Ellen Ripley/Aliens
    Sarah Conner/Terminator

  8. Beatrix Kiddo: Kill Bill
    Jethro Gibbs: NCIS
    Mathayus: The Scorpion King
    Sarah Connor: The Terminator
    Captain Steven Hiller: Independence Day
    Neo: The Matrix
    Ethan Hunt: Mission Impossible
    Maximus: Gladiator
    William Wallace: Braveheart
    Harry Callahan: Dirty Harry
    Robin Hood
    Rocky Balboa: Rocky
    Tony Almeida: 24
    Dr. Jack Shepherd: Lost
    Vic Mackey: The Shield
    The A-Team
    John Triton: The Marine
    Frank Martin: The Transporter
    Mike Banning: Olympus has Fallen

  9. At this point, suggestions are closed. If you would like to add a vote for an already listed character feel free. The bracket will be forth coming.

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