Survival Tip #12

Survival Tip #12:

Survival Team

No man is an island. No one is perfect.

Survival is a group effort. Now if you are sitting there thinking I am the strongest, smartest, fastest, sniper; who manages a sporting goods store, drives an SUV, moonlights at a grocery store…you get the point. This isn’t you. You are only one piece of the puzzle and it’s time to start bringing together the rest.

When you’re picking your team there are a few different stages of the survival to use to determine an individual’s value to the team. Many traits transcend multiple stages, but I will list them in the stage that they are of most value.

Preparation stage is every day from now until day 0 of the Primal Age. During this time it is wise to have members of your group that can help train the others in things like first aide, weapons, outdoor survival, trade skills, food production, or any number of other helpful skills. Even someone who has a ton of storage for stocking up on supplies would be a value in this stage. This is when your team must learn and practice the skills that will keep them alive on their journey into the Primal Age.

Mobilize stage is from the moment of the Primal Age begins until you start your journey. Have a friend who manages a sporting goods store? Works for a police station, or hospital? You should have plenty of supplies stocked up by this point, but the ability to have access to supply points such as these without breaking and entering will be extremely advantageous.

Travel stage takes you from the moment your wheels start moving until you arrive at your future fortress. Know someone who races cars or bikes? Have that friend with a large SUV? The local school bus driver? An EMT? Someone who works for or owns a construction company. You need vehicles and you need drivers. We’ll get into more detail on which vehicles at a later date.

Secure stage is clearing your fortress of any opposition and fortifying it for the future. Law enforcement and military trained personnel are golden for this job; after all they’ve been trained to clear rooms. The other side of the coin here is anyone with construction, electric, plumbing, architecture, so on and so forth, are the people you’ll want when you are molding your new home into a defensible fortress.

Survival stage is the rest of your life in the Primal Age. Farming and hunting are going to be your primary food sources. Mechanics will be able to keep your fleet of vehicles operational over time. Medically trained professionals are a must since you’ll be as likely to die from a cold as an enemy if you have a good fortress.

How many people should you have in your team? I can’t say for sure, it all depends on your plan. Every person you bring is one more mouth to feed, however it is one more body to work. No one should be permitted to come if they can’t handle a weapon and perform basic first aid. Any time you can find someone who is multitalented they are a piece to add to your puzzle. Certain personality traits should be considered as well. If a person can’t keep their head in a high stress life or death situation you just brought a liability to your group. Someone with a quick temper might not be the best person to invite along. You can’t make people like each other, so if two people despise each other in the old world, don’t bring them both with you into the Primal Age.

Overall you want to bring people in who have either one exceptionally elite skill or multiple skills and have a calm demeanor as well as the ability to handle the harshness of the Primal Age. A note here, it also doesn’t hurt if they have little to no family. If you have a bull’s eye shooting doctor who owns a Suburban, and moon lights in construction, but will only come if his sixteen relatives can, you might not want to bring them along.

When it comes to how many people you plan to bring along, it depends heavily on what you are planning to use as your fortress, the season, and vehicle availability. If you are planning to fortify a small building, you don’t want to bring a dozen people, but if you are heading to a place that has the ability to support two dozen that might be the number you want to shoot for. If this takes place during warm months you’ll have the ability to bring more people due to the ability to scavenge more than you would if it was winter. Lastly vehicles, if you don’t have enough seats, if makes it a little hard.

The golden rule is if you can’t carry your weight, you’re going to get people killed. The person’s value must be greater than the cost of his existence.

Leadership is very important to the team. Just because you are the person who brings the team together does not mean you are the best choice for the leader. A true leader never asks to lead he is the one who people look to for leadership. Don’t let your ego get people killed.

Once a leader is established a clear pillar of command needs to be created in the event that the commanding team member is killed at some point. There should be no power struggle. The second in command should be able to step in without missing a beat and keep things running smoothly.

Keep in mind that even democratic nations in times of war tend to turn over absolute power to their leaders to get them through. I’m not saying discussion of ideas and plans shouldn’t be permitted, but there is a time and a place and that isn’t in high danger situations.

When it comes to your team a certain degree of heartlessness is required in the selection. As much as it might hurt to tell someone no, it hurts a lot less than other people dying because you said yes. After all, it is someone’s choice not to be valuable in the Primal Age. If they choose not to prepare themselves, you need to choose not to bring them along.

This might sound foolish and childish, but it will go a long way. Pick a team name, colors, mascot, and nick names for each member. This is a great way to boost spirits, mark your territory, and unify your team. If you don’t see the point in this, imagine a football team that had nothing but players on the field. If you still don’t see the point, don’t do it. You’re only helping the rest of us.

I know this is a brief overview on a very in depth topic, however each team will form in their own way and I can’t say how best to govern each of those. If you follow my advice it will help you create a stronger more prepared team.



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