Survival Tip #13

Survival Tip #13:

Vehicles Part I

The amount of options you have when it comes to vehicles is very broad. So to make this a manageable topic, were going to start tonight off with a personal vehicle you can own that will help you in the Primal Age.

Well folks, the time has come to leave the cars behind. There are three options to consider for something that you can use as a personal vehicle and a Primal Age vehicle; vans, trucks, and SUVS.

I’m not going to get nitpicky into makes or models but the things to consider when picking your vehicle are; four wheel drive, miles per gallon, weight, passenger space, storage capacity, and maintainability.

You want to be able to go off road when need be. Whether that is to go cross country, cut from one road to another, or just navigate around some grid lock, the last thing you want to do is get stuck in some mud. If it doesn’t have four wheel drive pass on it as your option.

Each time you have to stop to fill your tank, you are taking a bold risk. The more miles per gallon your vehicle gets the longer you can stay in motion and the less gas you will need to carry. Better fuel efficiency equals a safer trip for you.

The heavier your vehicle in that harder it will be to roll. However, keep in mind this will lead to sinking more in soggy conditions. So be sure you have the power to get through it.

Based on your teams survival plan the number of seats you have will be a major factor in picking a vehicle. If your convoy will only consist of a few vehicles you’ll need higher capacity per vehicle.

The more room you have to store supplies, the more supplies you can bring. The more supplies you can bring, the less you will have to scavenge for. The less you will have to scavenge for, the safer you will be. Therefore, the more room you have to store supplies the safer you will be.

Some vehicles are easier to perform basic maintenance on. Remember you won’t have a full auto garage at your disposal. An engine that needs fully disassembled just to change a spark plug probably isn’t the best option. Make sure you know how to perform at least the basic maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle yourself. In the Primal Age you won’t be able to pay 29.99 to have someone else change your oil.

Now whatever vehicle you consider, these are some add ons to keep in mind; wench, snow plow, roof rack, trailer, and bike rack.

You’ll want a front mounted wench to free yourself if you get stuck in soggy conditions, or to clear a vehicle that is blocking your path.
A snow plow should be considered if you reside in rough winter area. It triples as an offensive weapon against the enemies, and a little extra push for moving vehicles out of the way.

A roof rack is a great way to add some extra storage, and provide a safe place to store volatile supplies.

Connecting a trailer adds a ton of extra storage. However you need to consider this will hurt your gas mileage, increase your chances of getting stuck, and lower your mobility. If you do pursue this route, be sure not to pack anything that will endanger your life to be without. That way you can cut your losses and leave it behind in a pinch.

Bike racks come in all shapes and sizes, but depending on where you are settling a man powered vehicle might be something you need. A bike rack is the best way to do this.

Now this is my personal preference and is up for debate, but I would go with a large SUV. Something like a Tahoe or Suburban with plenty of seating capacity. If you don’t put people in the seats you can put supplies their instead. I suggest the SUV over the truck, because you don’t have to exit the vehicle to access your supplies. SUV trumps van because you have more power and durability. Toss on a front wench and roof rack and you have a pretty versatile vehicle. Remember never to store your gas inside the same compartment that people will be traveling.



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