Survival Tip #14

Survival Tip #14:

Vehicles Part II
In this section I will touch on vehicles that you can consider bringing into your convoy. Much of this depends on the number of people in your team, the distance to your destination, and the logistics of acquiring the vehicle.

Ambulance/SWAT van/Military Trucks: These are all similar in their durability and storage space. Ambulance comes with some med supplies. The others might be stocked with survival gear. Be aware, these might not be the best off road vehicles.
Wreckers: These offer you the opportunity to clear your path so you don’t have to leave the road.
Military Humvee: These offer you all the perks of an SUV with an nice piece of offense.
School bus: Don’t knock it. They have emergency escapes on every wall, plus out of the roof. The sheer weight of it makes it nearly impossible to be rolled by a horde. All the space you need for passengers and supplies. Unlimited fire points. The vulnerability is in the mobility and off road capability. You need other vehicles to protect it.
Snow Plows: Imagine being able to clear anything in your path at high speed. Helpful.
Motorcycles: I don’t suggest this but many others do. High speed. Great Mobility. A ton of vulnerability.
Armored cars: Mobile fortress with fire points.
The list goes on and on feel free to make your own additions. What you are able to take will depend on the number and profession of your Primal Age survival team. If you have a school bus driver in your group, obviously a school bus is within your grasp, but if not, stealing it too early in the Primal Age could get you locked up.

More vehicles means more space for supplies, and a more versatile convoy. Much of what you need will be based on your plan. If you have to cover 1,000 miles you are going to want fewer vehicles. Even though that would cut down on your supplies, it also cuts down on your need for gas. If you are only going 100 miles you can spread your team thin amongst as many vehicles as you can get your hands on. However I never suggest having less than two people per vehicle; one to drive and one to spot. If your fortress is where you are living you can accumulate a parking lot worth of cars for every occasion since you won’t have to worry about how many drivers you need or how much gas you will use.

There are two relationships you need to consider when picking your convoy. Is the extra storage worth the extra gas? Is the added versatility of another vehicle worth the danger of a longer convoy? Like many things in the Primal Age, this is something you will have to work out for yourself.



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