Survival Tip #17

Survival Tip #17:

Weapons Part I


The one weapon everyone has and must continually practice with to keep sharp and ready is your mind. This is the most important weapon you have at your disposal.

As important as it is to have your body in shape, your mind is far more important. Much of surviving in the Primal Age will rely on your ability to think through a situation and come up with a logical solution for the best possible outcome. Shit tends to hit the fan so it is equally important to be able to think quickly and rationally as your carefully laid plan falls apart around you.

You must be mentally strong. Just to start out, on the first day of the Primal Age most of your family, friends, coworkers, people you don’t like, your facebook friends you’ve never met, will all be lost to you. Whether to zombies, improper preparation, accidents, lawless world, or simply they are too far away to be able to reach, they will all be gone. As you survive through the Primal Age people will die, some will turn, and you may personally have to shoot the person you love the most in the world.

Just take a moment to imagine that. If you’re a parent imagine having to shoot your favorite child (we all know you have one). If you’re married imagine shooting your best friend. If you have a dog imagine killing that. If you are a complete and total loner who has no friends or family other than me on WordPress imagine shooting your Xbox360. Doesn’t feel too good to even think about, but this is a very real possibility you might have to face time and time again. (This is one of the reasons I suggest setting your fortress out of your home town so you don’t see familiar faces)

It doesn’t matter if you are a black belt who is armed to the teeth, if you have a break down you make not only yourself vulnerable, but also those you are traveling with.

You need to find a way to process and release your grief and emotions so that they don’t over whelm you. Emotion is not your friend in the Primal Age, find a way to deal with it or you won’t have to deal with it long.

A great way to keep your mind sharp is logic problems, and other sorts of puzzle games. Run your mind through the scenarios often. Chess, lots of chess.

Paintball is a great way to test your mind in these situations. Find a long strip of woods and take part of your team and pick a destination a few days out. Send the other half of your team to be the zombies and see if they can grab you before you get to their destination.

Use your brain. Constantly be learning. Study anything and everything that could one day help you.

Here is the order of weapons for the next few days:







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