Results Round 1:2v15

Results for round 1: 2v15

An exciting round of upsets and dominations  Captain Steve Hiller upset the two seed, Tallahassee to advance to the next round of Slayers. Chuck Noland pulled off a similar move against Nurse Lt. Evelyn Johnson in the More than Meets the Eye division.  Jason Bourne, in Boys with Toys, dominated with a 100% victory, an effort so good it can only be matched not beaten, against Tony Almedia. Lastly, in BAMFs, Maximus defended his seed against Beowulf to move on to the next round.


Steve Hiller


Jason Bourne

Chuck Noland


2 thoughts on “Results Round 1:2v15

    1. I could see where trying to decipher Old English would be draining after a while, but that was my predicted upset of that round. However, the only thing I predicted in that round was Jason Bourne.

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