Survival Tip #18

Survival Tip #18:

Weapons Part II


After your mind, your body is you next most important weapon.

That means get in shape. The other day I was watching doomsday preppers, which arguably is a terrible show, but you can find about one good tip in each show. The one had an obese person who claimed it was part of their strategy because when the end of the world came they’d have more weight to shed instead of starve. If that is your plan, good luck.

You want to be strong, you want to be fast, and you want to know your limitations.

This is where cardio comes in. Find what types of cardio work for you. If cycling if your thing, go for it. You like swimming, have at it. You like the stair master, whatever rocks your socks. However everyone should be running, and doing hikes with a pack.

Strength training is also important. Once again there are many options available to you. If I have to explain strength training any better maybe you should have paid attention to your gym teacher. Do not neglect your legs. I know many varsity athletes who can do things most people would never dream of, but still get winded while walking up a flight of stairs.

You need to know your limitations. If you can run three minutes at a flat out sprint and be fine, but at three minutes and fifteen seconds you puke and pass out, this is the time to find out.

You should learn some form of hand to hand combat. Find one that focuses on breaking grabs, fighting multiple opponents, and keeping your enemy at a distance. Avoid types that involve grappling and wrestling as going to the ground with a zombie is ill advised.

Practice every day.


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