Survival Tip 19

Survival Tip#19:

Weapons Part III

Little Red


Before I get into any of the different categories, let me first say whatever weapon you choose for the Primal Age make sure you train with it, and it is durable.

Second thing before I begin. This is something I consider so important I want to list separate from the rest: Brass Knuckles. Make sure you have a set. They add very little weight, you can wear them almost always without being a hinder, and the kicker is you will never fight unarmed.

So, to break this down I’m going to discuss three types of Melee weapons; sports, tools, weapons.

When you think of a sports melee weapon the first thing you probably think of is a baseball bat. Just keep in mind how many times you watch a baseball player shatter their bat. A human head is not a weak thing to bash in so be sure of your bat’s durability. Other options include field hockey and lacrosse sticks, cricket bats, hockey sticks and yada yada. Obviously if you play one of these sports you’re likely to want to use your option, however I suggest either a field hockey stick or baseball bat.

Tools cover a wide variety of options. These are a wise choice because of their dual function. The most widely accepted tool is a full size pry bar, because it is heavy, has one pointed end, and a shepherd’s hook end that works great as a handle or for bashing. However this area is not limited to just the pry bar. There are sledge hammers, mauls, and axes which are decent choices, but come with many more drawbacks than a pry bar.

Weapons. Again the options list is super long, but you want a sword and you want an Asian sword not a European sword. The reason for this is a European sword is made for stabbing, while Asian swords are made for slicing(The samurai actually had a move with their katana that was specifically for flicking blood off the blade). Slicing the head off of a zombie is far easier than stabbing its brains out. Bottom line if you are picking a weapon you want a sword, and I recommend the katana or one of its smaller cousins.

Now things to consider for making your selection.

Bashing vs. Slicing. Both Sports and Tools rely on bashing your opponent. This is effective for smashing in skulls in the event of zombies or if you are against an opponent wearing body armor. (Even if you pick and ax or maul your attack is more related to bashing than slicing). Slicing weapons are geared for removing the head at the neck, or against a living opponent, opening up an artery. Slicing is the far easier maneuver, but you are vulnerable against an armored opponent. Bashing is far more difficult to perfect, however you may only need to act one.

Recovery. If you miss, what type of position will you be in. The strike out pose with the bat? Completely bent over and stuck in the ground with an ax? Or ready to swing back again with the blade? Think about how off balance and exposed you will be when(not if) you miss.

Space. When you swing how much space is needed to be effective? If you’re fighting in close quarters a six foot katana might not be your best choice, or the overhead swing of an ax. The other aspect of space is when you strike how much space is created between you and your target?

Death zone. On a maul or sledge you have to be pin point precise where as a bat or sword gives you a longer area of damaging impact.

Maintenance. Do you need a wet stone? A tape wrap? Or is your item durable enough to work for life without ever failing you. This is important because what you need for maintaining your weapon will have to be carried with you.

Dual wield. Can you mix and match for a more effective combo? Remember though, twice the weapons equals twice the weight.

So, now that you know how to rate your weapon, remember to practice every day to make it an extension of your body. You should know your weapons as well as your own hand and take better care of it. There are only so many bullets in the world, so why waste a bullet when you could bash in some skulls.

I know I only listed a view example in each section, however anything that is long and can be used to crush a head can be considered. A good practice technique is to set up a water melon. If you plan to use a slicing weapon, you want to be able to slice through the lower quarter in one swing. If you plan to use a bashing weapon you must be able to crush the water melon in one swing to a point that it is no longer recognizable.

My recommendations for a weapon are a large pry bar due to its duality or a katana due to its practicality. However a correctly made katana is not cheap.

That doesn’t mean you must use one of these, but you should pick something that you will be most effective with. Your choice in melee weapon is far more important than the gun you carry.

Feel free to list any weapons you’d like added to the list…before someone adds it we all know the light saber would be awesome, but sadly I don’t know how to make one.




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