Round 1: 7v10

Ultimate Primal Age Survival Team Smack Down

Round 1: 7th vs. 10th


Col. Christina Eliopolis from WWZ vs. Abraham Lincoln from Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Eliopolis survives crash landing in zombie infested territory with only the gear on her back. She knows how to avoid detection and escape hordes of zombies.

Lincoln, the 16th president, is in fact a vampire hunter who wields and ax and silver pocket watch. He knows how to handle the most dangerous of the undead, and excels in hand to hand combat, even against faster and stronger foes.


Hawkeye from Last of the Mohicans vs. Legolas from Lord of the Rings

Hawkeye Natty Bumppo, although the child of white parents, grew up with Delaware Indians Native Americans raised by Moravian Christians, becoming a near-fearless warrior skilled in many weapons, one of which is the long rifle. Hawkeye (one of his many nicknames) hunts only what he needs to survive, and when it comes time to fire his rifle he lives by the rule, “One shot, one kill”. (From Wiki)

Legolas can see and hear from great distances. Legolas is armed with a bow and arrows and one “long white knife” which hangs by his side. He is an unrivaled archer. He is also lithe and slender. (From Wiki)

Boys with Toys

John Rambo from First Blood Part II vs. Mike Banning from Olympus Has Fallen

Rambo was a green beret, who defeated an entire police department by himself only using traps and a knife, then takes on the Vietnamese to rescue POWs. He shows a high tolerance to being tortured. His training includes heavy machine guns, explosive arrows, rifles, knives, hand to hand combat, and aviation.

Banning is a former U.S. Army Ranger Mike Banning is the lead Secret Service agent assigned to head the Presidential Detail. He is skilled in all forms of firearms, infiltration, electronic warfare, hand to hand combat, and tactics.

More than Meets the Eye

Dr. Jack Shepherd from Lost vs. Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec

Jack plays a key role in the survival of his fellow survivors in the immediate aftermath of the crash, instructing others to help those with injuries and using his medical background to assist the wounded. The survivors look to Jack as their leader. He has the ability to think quickly and analyze crisis situations. Jack intentionally represses fear and anxiety, usually in order to remain strong for other people, as he is the one they turn to during crises. He does this to not give his fellow survivors false hope. (From Wiki)

Ron speaks in a very deadpan tone of voice and seldom expresses any kind of emotion. He is an extremely masculine individual. In his entire life, he only cried twice: once when he was hit by a bus at age seven; secondly when Lil Sebastian died. Ron is an outdoor enthusiast who loves hunting, fishing, camping, and woodworking. For years, Ron has used a park ranger station in the woods as a lodge for private hunting trips with his male colleagues at city hall. He describes fishing as “like yoga, except I still get to kill something”. (From Wiki)


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