Round 1 Totals

Current Standings

1st Place Ryan McCormick

27 points 

4/4 Fighting Four

100% Round 1 Boys with Toys

And just so you can all see how awesome he is:

Ryan’s Bracket

Current Bracket

Now you can all see what you need to do to dethrone the king

Remaining competitors:

2. Mario 27pts 2/4

3. Ross 25pts 4/4

4./5. Brady 24pts 3/4

4./5. Krista 24pts 3/4

6. Mike 23pts 3/4

7. Diane 21pts 3/4

8. Heather 18pts 4/4

9. Eric 17pts 4/4

10. SomeIdiot 16pts 1/4

Round 1 has come to a close. If anyone notices an error, please let me know.

Other than some idiot everyone still has a chance to make a run for the win.

The next round of voting will begin tomorrow. Remember Round 2 picks are worth 2 points per selection. Happy voting and good luck.


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