Survival Tip 22

Zombie Tip #23: Domesticated Animals Part II


Animals for food.


Hunting is an option, both along your trip and once you have settled. However there is a reason that people moved away from hunting and to agriculture. So, the idea of having domesticated live stock isn’t a terrible idea.


I’m going to break this down into three categories; large, medium, and small.


Large animals will be such things as cattle and other things of similar size. If you have planned far in advance, you have a premade fortress, and are making trips there often, a larger livestock might not be out to the question. However these take a lot of time to manage and need the attention of vets. Also, this is a large concentration of living animals that cannot be trained to obey silence. I’m going to have to say forgot about large livestock unless you happen upon it in the New World.


Medium animals will be in reference to goat sized animals. These require less attention than their larger counterparts and although offer less they still offer the same perks. A goat can be placed on a in ground dog leash and let to wander. With chickens you can add eggs to your diet. Again the negative here is you have zombie bait, whether you find that good or bad is up to you. Also will depend on your perimeter and if you have grass within the protected part of your fortress. These are worth consideration, but only to be taken if you know what you are doing.


Small animals are things like rabbits and guinea pigs. These are the animals you should consider using for meat. They breed rapidly and require very little maintenance. They can be kept indoors where you don’t have to worry about their minimal noise. If one happens to fall sick, simply remove it from the rest, and continue on without a major loss. From just one mating pair of rabbits you can have up to 50 pounds of rabbit meat a year.


Also, just a piece of advice when it comes to all forms of animals that may come into your possession in the New World; don’t name them. Use numbers or identifying characteristics. It will make it easier when they die.


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