SPRINGTIME (Pt. II) When a Little Rain May Fall



We concluded the first springtime post with the question: “Is there a downside to internalized springtime for the creative mind?”

So… is there?

Oh, you bet there is!  I’ll give you an example:

Insurance agents (and I’m guessing it would be the same with all salesmen), are notorious for summarily ditching what works for them: a perfectly successful phone technique, a dynamic sales presentation, or flawless methods of turning nos into yeses.  Suddenly, they just stop using them.  Then, midway into their commission’s downward spiral, when their manager asks them why they stopped doing what was successful and made them money, most will sheepishly admit: “I knew that it worked, so I wanted to try something new.”

To try something new ….  And, that, dear reader is the lure—the siren—of springtime!

Let me ask you this:

How many of you have amputated stories…

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