Survival Tip 25

Survival Tip #25:

How to identify human strongholds

The easiest and simplest way to figure out where people reside is fire or smoke. (Also keep this in mind for yourself. We’ll talk more about that tomorrow). If you see plumes of smoke rising from a building or area more likely than not people were there or are there. At night if you can see the flames, someone is there. If you can smell smoke on the wind, there is a good chance there are people in the direction of the wind.

If you happen to find an area where there are multiple downed zombies you are looking at a well-defended area. If they all seem to have fallen in the same direction, you are looking at an expert sniper. This is probably a situation best to be avoided.

Most people don’t walk with a light step as not leaving tracks isn’t something an American has had to worry about in decades. Combine that with many people will be wearing shoes to improve traction, human prints won’t be the most difficult thing to find.

Shit. All types of animals have a different look to their deification. Human’s particularly so based on our unnatural diet. Shit is a great indicator of people. Also, a good reason why you should bury your own.

Be wary any time you approach water. There is a reason every civilization developed around water. This doesn’t mean there will be people there, but always keep your eyes peeled.

If a place seems logical to you, it probably seemed logical to someone else. Always assume there is someone in any location you are going.

Bottom line; use your eyes, use your ears, use your nose, and most importantly use your brain.


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