Survival 16 Results

Results from Survival 16

We lost our first one seed when Django upset Wallace. Dixon, Bauer, and Gibbs all protected their 1 seeds. Captain Steve Hiller continued his upset streak, while Bourne, Maximus, and Shepherd all retained their seed advantage. Neville, Bond, and Han Solo beat their lower ranked opponents while Walter White moved on with an upset. Wichita, King Leonidas, and Private Jackson, all upset their higher ranked opponents, and joined John McClain in the winner’s circle.

My prediction for the most important matchup of the next round is Wichita, the last female, in the competition vs. Darryl Dixon, the crowd favorite, in a battle of the sexes. Will it be the last battle of the sexes for the tournament? That’s up to all of you.

Maximus joins Jason Bourne in the 100% club, as well as Jason Bourne winning a second match up by 100%. Congrats to these power house two seeds.


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