Survival Tip #29

Survival Tip #29



Regardless of if you are living in a Primal Age populated by zombies, or just one where you have to survive, people will still die. You don’t want to bodies just lie around. A corpse; zombie, human, or animal, will attract disease and scavengers. Especially an undead corpse, seeing as it is already decaying.

Two primary options you have are burying the corpse or burning it. The issue with burying a body is you only have so much land, and the effects of a zombie corpse on the soil haven’t been studied yet.

A controlled fire should be your option. Again, controlled fire. I repeat, controlled fire. Dig a deep pit that you can use for burning bodies and other refuse. Smoke is the disadvantage during day, light by night.

Keep fire away from–Honestly if I need to caution you with fire, you’re going to be a bit screwed anyhow. Good luck completing the sentence.



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