First Publication from The Primal Age

The first publication to come out of the Primal Age has been released. Law of the Primal Age is a flash fiction piece brought to you by Akashic Books Monday are Murder series. Go give it a read and let me know what you think. You can leave a comment directly here or email me at

You can find the story here:


One thought on “First Publication from The Primal Age

  1. Why does Peter shoot Will without proceeding in their makeshift courtroom? He’s playing God, here. He’s deciding Will’s fate on his own. It’s not a democracy, like a jury. There’s no voting, no discussion. By shooting him, he just set a precedent. Everyone can now take the law (or lack thereof) into their own hands. They can always say, “Well, Peter did it”. What gave him the right to do that?

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