Deadly Duels

Deadly Duels

Only Round

Before I get into the usual format of this and allow everyone to vote, let me just take a moment to applaud the Fight Four. They are the top four from a tough set of 64 competitors. To get to this point sixty other contenders had to be found unworthy. Who will take the title though? That is up to you.

Slayers vs. Boys with Toys

Wichita from Zombieland vs. Jason Bourne from The Bourne Ultimatum

Wichita is a shotgun wielding vixen, who has plenty of practice at dropping the undead. Prior to surviving in a zombie infested world she was a masterful conwoman, and brought that survival skill with her into Zombieland. She is also a skilled driver.

Jason Bourne is a professional assassin and covert operative. He is well trained in hand to hand combat, as well as firearms. His knack for reading a situation and escaping definite capture would lead to avoiding hairy situations. The man can calculate everything about a fight and notices every detail of a room.

BAMFs vs. More than Meets the Eye

King Leonidas from 300 vs. Dr. Jack Shepherd from Lost

King Leonidas knows how to rule a military society. He leads from the front lines, and is a hardened veteran of war. He is skilled with a spear and sword.

Jack Shepherd plays a key role in the survival of his fellow survivors in the immediate aftermath of the crash, instructing others to help those with injuries and using his medical background to assist the wounded. The survivors look to Jack as their leader. He has the ability to think quickly and analyze crisis situations. Jack intentionally represses fear and anxiety, usually in order to remain strong for other people, as he is the one they turn to during crises. He does this to not give his fellow survivors false hope. (From Wiki)




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