Spring 2013, Issue No. 8

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Word Fountain: Spring 2013 Issue No. 8

Rachael Goetzke
Iris Johnston
Edward Lupico

A Winter Conversation        
by Dawn Leas

Under a full moon, dim stars blur
as if brushed-stroked across the black
sky. She idles in a dark car. Shivering
from winter’s edge, she rests her head

against the frosted window, watches new
snow skittering across icy drifts. Phone
cradled on her shoulder she closes her eyes
to listen, spring just far enough away to want.



small press                 
by Rachael Goetzke

much worth flows from


small book


words in print
beside my work




by Alexandria Smith


in the days when we would

 whisper to the sea

loveliness rolling off of our tongues

 and into the deep as salt entered our bodies

 and air filled our lungs

making impressions we intended to keep


like beautiful truths

on beaded skin

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