Survival Team Smack Down

The Primal Age Survival Team Smack Down

boxing (2)

The dust has settled and the winner crowned. So, now that is over, who wants to do it again? Or join in for the first time? To check out the rules of the brackets and see if you would be interested in competing click here. 

Short version, all of you out there select 64 contestants for the person who you would want to take with you into the end of the world. They can be any fictitious character. An amendment to the selection process will be that anyone nominated who survived beyond the opening two rounds of the last bracket can not be entered into the second bracket. However, if this keeps building steam I wouldn’t be opposed to doing a tournament of champions down the line.

So, for now I am just looking to see if there is interest. Please comment below if you would like to join the ranks.


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