11 Movies That Were Supposed To Suck But Were Actually Good

Thought Catalog

1. Rabbit Hole

Generally speaking, I’m not a big fan of Very Serious Dramatic Films, but my ex-girlfriend likes those, and wanted to watch Rabbit Hole, so we did. Rabbit Hole is this very depressing movie about Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart’s characters, who are a married couple who lose their son in this awful accident, and then their marriage gets all terrible and Nicole’s character begins this questionable friendship with the guy who is responsible for the tragic deadly accident, etcetera… Very depressing. And I got into it! I’m not sure why. But anyways yeah, Rabbit Hole, check it out, I guess.

2. Step Brothers

I love a good dumb comedy. I really do. There’s not much I enjoy more than vegging out on snack food and drinking while watching a stupid, hilarious movie (or standup special). However, there’s a difference between good dumb comedies and bad…

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