My Apologies to the Scifi Channel

I know they are SyFy or something like that now, but I still owe them my sincerest apologies. I have an Amazon Prime account which I love dearly, because it now enables me to sit down and watch TV shows at my leisure. I was never the type to be able to sit in front of the TV every Thursday night to watch show X, and if I did it definitely wasn’t on the SyFy channel. Since January I have watched all four seasons of Battlestar Galactica and Farscape. Both were shows I wouldn’t have given the time of day when they were on air because of how I’d of been viewed for watching them. Luckily as we get older we stop caring. I’ve sat through plenty of shows that other people were watching throughout my life. I’ve watched more movies at this point in my life than most people will in their lifetime. I’ve read more books than most peoples’ pets have. I’ve played my share of video games.


As far as anything with a story goes these two shows are better than most. Battlestar Galatica bis more of an action story, with some of the best characters I’ve seen written. I won’t lie and say 100% of the episodes are amazing, as few shows ever can accomplish, but nearly all of the episodes stay on the main story line, while presenting a new issue each week. There were times I found myself awake at sunrise because I couldn’t stop clicking next episode.


Farscape is a far more lighthearted show, but creates a full universe for the show to exist within. The aliens have their own languages and phrases. The planets they visit vary from the dark ages to technology beyond our imagination. Though the show does have a central story line that is stays relatively true to, it does jump off track every few episodes. Sometimes these jumps are much needed and enjoyable, sometimes I wanted to click next to get back to the story. The characters are all amazing, each with their own imperfections and needs. The one thing I truly loved about the show was how often a minor character would revisit the story line.

Bottom line, if you have Prime both of these are worth watching. I’m not here to sell anyone on these shows though, I just wanted to apologize to SyFy for not paying any attention to their programming before now. Based on these last two shows I have moved over to see what Alphas is about, however seeing as it was canceled in season two I am less hopeful.




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