Survival Tip #47

Survival Tip #47



Before getting any further into this tip, please keep in mind noise control in the Primal Age. Music should never be played or listened to in any environment where it causes danger. You probably shouldn’t be putting on a KISS sized show, and should never wear ear buds. Cautions being presented, the good news is with the affordability of solar cell phone chargers and other similar devices you can take your playlists with you into the end of the world. Music is part of every culture and heritage, so to remove it from the Primal Age would be a crime. When it comes to instruments, use common sense. If it comes to a decision of packing another gun or your guitar, take the gun. You can always find another guitar later. If you are serious about your Primal Age music, learn how to play smaller instruments such as the harmonica. Music is part of life, take it with you.


One thought on “Survival Tip #47

  1. Another way to put it: a gun can get you a guitar much more easily than a guitar can get you a gun.

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