Survival Tip #58

Survival Tip #58



I hate books. Yes, I am a writer who hates books. Reading has grown on me, but I still dislike books. I am a product of ebooks, and I love my kindle. A book is heavy, its takes up a lot of space, and it can be destroyed easily. In the Primal Age, certain books will be worth their weight in gold. Even if you have a survival group of one hundred people, you still can’t cover all the knowledge known to man. However, books do hold all the knowledge. After establishing your fortress, making sure you have all the needs of survival met, raiding a library should be a priority. Very few people will consider a library a high priority, so you should be safe to loot them beyond day zero. However, be cautious of library’s that are naturally well fortified, or even consider using them as a base of operations. The Primal Age can be a dark age, or age of enlightenment, which it will be is up to you.


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