Survival Tip #60

Survival Tip #60

Team Spirit

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Why do sports teams have uniforms? Mascots? Cheers? Traditions? This is to build unity within the team and create a focus that the fans can get behind. Not only sports teams do this, but every country, and army does this as well. Right now you might be thinking, this is such a stupid idea, but if you are an American reading this take a moment to think about the symbols we stand behind. We recognize the American Flag as the symbol of our cause; red, white, and blue are our team colors. Our captain is the president who we all elect to lead us. Our mascot is the bald eagle. In medieval times every royal family had a crest that represented their power and influence.  This has existed as long as people have formed into tribes, clans, or groups. Use these lessons to help build unity for your survivors in the Primal Age. Come up with team colors, a mascot, even a cheer if you want. The more reasons the members of your team can associate with one another the less likely they are to turn against each other. Unite your force under a banner, and make the group proud to be members. Unity shows power to other forces as well and can be enough to deter conflict.


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