Survival Tip #62

Survival Tip #62

Fair Fight


Outside of a sanctioned fight, there is no such thing as a fair fight and there should never be such a thing.

What? You don’t believe in fighting fair? How could you?

I believe in winning. Especially in the Primal Age where losing is death. No one remembers who lost valiantly and as a gentleman, they remember who won.

In a one on one fight, go for every weakness in the human body as fast and as often as you can. Nose, eyes, throat, and the good old groin.

The United States of America would not exist today if our forefathers hadn’t been guerilla fighters. If your force is up against a larger force, never face them head on. Continually pick at them and wear them down until you can crush their numbers.

If you have the advantage in a two force fights, use your weight to crush your opponent as fast as you can. They may likely use the advice above, and if they do, give them no ground to go to. Destroy their fortress and any other way they are getting aid. Once you’ve cut off their supply lines, they become much less of a threat.

As always you first option shouldn’t be to fight. And you should avoid a fight that you can’t definitely win unless you have no option but to fight. However when you must fight, fight to win, as unfairly as you must.



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