Survival Tip #63

Survival Tip #63

Root Cellar


Refrigerators take a lot of energy. In the Primal Age you may have a fortress when an unlimited renewable source of energy, so it won’t be a big deal to power an industrial sized refrigerator, but for the rest of us that isn’t a good option. A root cellar is a great way to preserve foods that need to be kept cold. There are numerous guides on the internet on how to build one, so I won’t go into great detail. However a root cellar needs to be about ten feet deep, and have proper air ventilation, so keep your shelves a few inches from the wall. With this you can store any time a root you grow for an extended period of time. Root cellars were around long before refrigerators, and did the job just fine. So, save your power for other things, and take the time to dig a hole.


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