Survival Tip #65

Survival Tip #65

Kick the Dog

For those of you who aren’t familiar with ‘Kick the Dog syndrome’, it was explained to me as Dad comes home from work mad, and yells at mom for being lazy because the house is a mess, mom gets mad for being yelled at so she yells at the oldest kid for making a mess, then the oldest kid punches the youngest kid for getting him in trouble, then the youngest kid kicks to dog because he has no one else to blame. Meanwhile the house really wasn’t dirty in the first place, just the dad had a bad day at work.

In the Primal Age blaming people, or taking out anger and frustration on those around you will not be conducive to a strong team. This doesn’t mean not to discipline people when they actually do something wrong, however just because you’re in a bad mood because the Primal Age happened, doesn’t mean someone did something wrong. So, before tearing into a fellow survivors ask yourself: Did they actually do something wrong and will this change anything?


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