Survival Tip #70

Survival Tip #70

Skulls are Thick


Boxers don’t wear gloves to protect the other person’s face; they wear gloves to protect their hands. You’re hands are made up of tons of tiny bones and every time you punch something you run the risk of breaking them. Yeah, they usually aren’t a big deal, and can be fixed with a simple pin and some rest, but in the Primal Age something as a minor broken bone in your hand could be a lifelong hindrance. Therefore if you don’t follow the tip about always wearing brass knuckles, I strongly recommend not punching things or people. The natural way for the human body to fight is by grappling and using the hard points of the body to strike. Get in close to your opponent in a fight and use your elbows, knees, and shins, to exploit their weak spots. (skull works too though risk of concussion)


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