Survival Tip #73

Survival Tip #73

Around the Water Cooler


When the Primal Age happens, regardless of how prepared you are, you will likely be out of your safe zone. Unless of course you build a bunker and live it for the rest of your life, but then you defeat the purpose of living. The fact is most Americans spend more time at work than at home and most drive to work. Since most drive to work, this is a great reason to have a go bag in your car. However, I want you to picture what a grocery store in your area is like leading up to a major weather incident. Now picture that across the entire country. Most people will panic causing every road, street, and a path to become congested and dangerous. The best thing you can do, unless there is a direct threat to your work place, is stay put.

Now is the time to start thinking about how you can make your work place a temporary fortress in the Primal Age. Do you have a water cooler? If so where are the spare five gallon jugs kept? Each of those is water for five people for a day. Is there a fridge in your break room? Some sort of snack bowl? Your coworker keep a stash of Hershey bars in their desk? Your first concern should be what food and water supplies are naturally found in your work place. Your second concern is how to make it defensible. If you have multiple floors, you should move all things needed for survival off the ground floor. Discuss hypocalypses with your coworkers and see who will be useful, and who will be dead weight. Some people will choose to leave in the panic, some for good reasons others for not, never stop someone from leaving. If you keep someone against their will you will find yourself with a cancerous situation. Use your common sense, figure out you’re supply situation, decide who your best team ups will be, and how to defend your workplace.


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