Survival Tip #81

Survival Tip #81

Make Yourself Useful

Many people are offended when they ask me who I would take with me in the Primal Age, or worse yet when they ask directly if I would take them. Most tend to find an answer they don’t like, and get angry or upset. The fact is, I am not to blame if you are not Prime material. Everyone is responsible for their own level of commitment, and the knowledge is out there to help you on your way to becoming Primed. There are 80 previous tips to help you along the way, and some of my followers have their own prepping blogs which covers even more information. So, take it into your own hands to make yourself as prepared as you need to be. Then people can start asking you who you would take with you into the Primal Age.


2 thoughts on “Survival Tip #81

  1. Prime material? Nasty terminology.
    A scenario for you.
    Imagine you, immobilized, and your equipment and supplies JUST out of reach.

    The passing wimpy idiot would look mighty fine about then wouldn’t they?
    I learned a long time ago to NEVER look down on the wimps in life.
    After all history is full of examples where the wimp survived and Macho man didn’t.

    1. @thoughtfullyprepping, please check out Survival Tip #49 at

      Prime material, getting primed, priming, and finding your prime self are all terms I use to discuss a person’s level of preparedness for as I call it the Primal Age. I use them because they are catching and give those who aren’t macho an extra boost of confidence when they can say they are Primed. It isn’t meant to denote a Chuck Norris type, or someone who can go Rambo, but someone who is prepared. When presented with the hypothetical of who would I bring it is rare that a macho makes the list. Machos are more likely to get themselves or those around them killed than a wimp. However whether you are a wimp, macho, or something in between, there isn’t an excuse for not taking the time to make yourself more useful. The point of the post was that it doesn’t take much to carry your own weight, so do a little bit of work to give yourself a better chance in a Primal Age.

      I do enjoy our dialogues on the different subjects though, because it helps me to understand where I have been unclear or incorrect, so please do continue to comment on any of the tips.

      Thank you for your post,

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