Survival Tip #82

Survival Tip #82

Shirt Bag

That isn’t a typo. I meant shirt bag when I typed it. So, lets say that you didn’t pay any attention to my survival tips, and as a human being in general you are total unprepared for any emergency (I’m not here to judge), and you find yourself facing the Primal Age or any type of emergency. Any shirt can be quickly turned into a sack, but a sweat shirt works best. What you do if you turn the hood inside out, and then pull the draw string as tight as you can, then put something like another shirt in to fully seal the neck hole. Stuff it with whatever emergency gear you likely forgot to stock, and then tie the arms around the opening to shut the bag. If you do a good enough job tying the arms you might even be able to sling it over your shoulder, if not at least all your gear is in one place.


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