Survival Tip #90

Survival Tip #90

Power Lines

When there is a panic people react irrationally, which is why roads will be totally congested and likely impassable due to accidents. I’m not sure how relevant this tip will be to the less forested areas of the country, and Thoughtfully Prepping, if you are reading please let me know if it applies across the pond, but power lines create excellent off road paths. The forests have been cleared where the wires run from place to place. By mapping out the paths of the lines you can get anywhere in the north east part of the country with a four wheel drive vehicle, or even simply by hiking. The towers themselves create great nests or look out places, and you can always disappear into the woods to get away in an emergency. The downfall is power lines lead to where civilization so use caution and know where the denser populations are along your course.


One thought on “Survival Tip #90

  1. Take your water wings though just in case. There is a megger grid line within 10 miles but it crosses a river where there are no bridges. The map shows a little farm bridge close by except it isn’t anymore, just pilings. Add a few drainage ditches and a railway line on top of an embankment and this power line is out for me. For example, have you ever tried to bump a car across rural rail tracks? Life can get real interesting for your suspension in anything less than a decent 4×4.

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