Survival Tip #91

Survival Tip #91


In an age where I can type in any address and my phone can tell me how to get there the art of reading a map is becoming lost. At the very least you should learn how to read a road map and get a general lay of your area and the major arteries of your country. You should know where the major population hubs are and the paths of major rivers. Besides this you should learn how to read a topographic map and spend time practicing how to navigate in the wilderness with a compass and map. Some will argue that a GPS would still work depending on what type of Primal Age befell us, however a map and compass will always work, so be sure you have them and more importantly know how to use them. If you can’t navigate yourself to safety, you are more likely to die from exposure or an accident than any other way. So, learn and practice so you can increase your odds of survival in the Primal Age.


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