Survival Tip #92

Survival Tip #92

Nature is Hostile

No matter what type of Primal Age you find yourself in, nature will always be your most hostile enemy. We’ve grown accustom to climate control, roofs over our heads, and clothes for every season. The Primal Age will bring  us a harsher existence. Exposure to the elements will claim many lives. Being able to build and find shelter is a key survival trait that everyone should know. Snow, sun, wind, rain, take your pick, without modern conveniences all of them can kill you. Take all the necessary precautions to protect yourself from mother nature.


2 thoughts on “Survival Tip #92

  1. What’s in the rule of three, 3 hours without shelter?
    Nice bit about the UK is we have loads of VERY old buildings scattered all over the country ranging from castles to lovely cold war bunkers. Instant CBRN and climate protection yet the bush craft fraternity do love their debris huts and tarpaulin bashas. I’ve got to wonder why?

    1. I spent two months last year in the UK and I have to hand it to you guys, you are far more prepared for the Primal Age. 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food.

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