Survival Tip #96

Survival Tip #96

Pool Water

So, I’ve worked at a pool most my life. Been a swimmer and polo player for a long portion of my existence. What this means is I’ve swallowed a lot of pool water and I am still alive. This led me to wonder at what point can you drink pool water for survival purposes. Logically since it is already treated with bromine or chlorine it is chemically purified, and both of those components are found in tap water.  So, I did some digging and found out that anything beneath 4ppm is safe to drink.

Unless you’ve ever tested pool water 4ppm probably means nothing to you, but pools should safely be kept between 2ppm and 8ppm, so there is a good chance that any pool you come across is drinkable since someone likely isn’t maintaining the chemicals in the end of the world. This isn’t an excuse not to take the time to purify the water anyhow, but at least now you know. I would suggest getting a chemical testing kit for your go bag. You can use strips that take up very little space or a testing tube which I find to be the more accurate measure. If you want one, this will redirect your to Amazon.

For your Primal Age strategies, also keep in mind pools are made for holding water. Barring a leak, they will collect run off and rain, so they are a good option for refills when you are on the move.


One thought on “Survival Tip #96

  1. I don’t agree.
    CBRN 101 says never trust uncovered or standing water especially them that catch run off or rain. As well as radioactive material, there are too many chemicals that can wreak your day with testing kits capable of picking out the “exotic” ones not readily accessible to civilians. Biological you can deal with. Boil, boil, and boil some more.
    Everything else is just too complex.

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