Survival Tip #98

Survival Tip #98

Be Honest In Your Deals

The Primal Age is a really bad time to try to pull a crooked deal. Be honest in what you want and what you are willing to give. If both parties walk away happy, there is less of a chance one of those parties will return for blood. I am not suggesting you should under sell your wares, but be honest about your products. The last thing you want to to is get yourself, or someone in your group, killed over an object. So, be truthful in your dealings to protect your survival team.


4 thoughts on “Survival Tip #98

  1. You could add “Never trade in your back yard”.
    Letting someone into your perimeter is tactically stupid however entering theirs can be just as dangerous.
    Best to use a neutral zone with an absolute minimum of one person in over watch, armed, detached, in cover and with eyes on the whole time to ensure “fair play”.

    Take only what you want to trade and your “personal protection”.

    What, too extreme?
    What price a can of beans if your gain is a bullet.
    As for trust? Yeah right.

    1. All of these are great points. I am lucky to have you are a reader.

      I like the logic of only using one person to meet on the trading grounds. This way you aren’t giving away your strength or weakness of numbers.

      1. I couldn’t agree more about trust. That is one commodity you can’t invest incorrectly. You can’t afford to be wrong, so it is better to withhold it.

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