Survival Tip #100

Survival Tip #100

100 Days

For 100 days now I have been posting survival tips for the Primal Age. I hope you have been enjoying yourself, and maybe learning a little something a long the way. Maybe you are one of those who thought that maybe my tips were talking to you on a certain day. Regardless I plan to continue tipping for a long while to come. However I doubt many of you have been reading since tip 1. In fact I know many of your weren’t.

So, today’s tip is to review what you have learned. Both here from me, and from life in general. Look back through the tips, and see what you missed. Remember lessons from your childhood, or maybe time in the scouts. Go practice a skill you haven’t done in a long time.

Remember your teachings. Practice your skills. Pass on your knowledge. Enjoy the experience.


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