Survival Tip #101

Survival Tip #101


Aint no one got time for that. We’ve all worked for or have been a micromanager at some point. In the Primal Age, you can’t afford this type of time drain. If someone isn’t trained in how to do their job, by all means, take the time to train them. However, if each person knows their role, you need to focus on doing your job. If you spend your time looking over everyone’s shoulders you are going to end up making a mistake on your assigned duty. So, make sure everyone know what they are supposed to do, yourself included, and then expect everyone to do their job. 


One thought on “Survival Tip #101

  1. Perhaps a more flexible approach might be considered.
    After all disaster and the subsequent survival is a fluid medium just like life.

    I feel that apart from the immediate problem at hand, most survival is a slow measured process. Once you have satisfied the three basics (Shelter, fire, and water), provisioning and surviving long term takes time and routine.
    The boring manual bit of frugal living.

    Not sharing that boring load between everyone is counter productive.
    No matter how mundane the task is if everyone shares those ‘duties’ no one person will be over extended or feel ‘put upon’.

    A rigid “your task is” can breed resentment and ultimately a breakdown of any groups cohesion. Something most would agree is NOT desirable.

    To me the goal of our family regarding long term survival is not ONLY TO SURVIVE but to flourish.

    In the armed forces we were always taught the job of the guy above and below you and encouraged to do all three to retain a level of competence in everything.
    That meant people could load share and frequently did..
    It also meant you could step in immediately should you lose a person.
    Always a consideration in a survival situation let alone in the business world.

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