Survival Tip #102

Survival Tip #102

Stay in the Fight

Back in high school I was a swimmer. As districts approached one year I was in the training room icing my shoulder. With me in the training room was a wrestler who was also getting ready for districts. We got talking about what we would hate about having to compete in each other’s respective sports. In swimming to qualify for districts you had to make a set time, in wrestling you had to defeat your opponent. The comment he made that has stuck with me all these years later is that he would have hated to try to qualify by time, because no matter how out matched he was supposed to be against his opponent he always had the chance to pin him.

That has always stuck in my memory because of the lesson that can teach us about life and the Primal Age. No matter how defeated you feel, or how heavily stacked the odds are against you, as long as you stay in the fight you always have a chance to win. Just stay in the fight and go for the win.


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