Survival Tip #107

Survival Tip #107

Gas Tank

You should always keep your gas tank above half. For ever day reasons, your car will run better. Every time you run your car until the gas light comes on you are flushing sediment from your tank through the fuel line.  The more you do this the worse it will get and like a clogged artery it will reduce your car’s capabilities. The Primal reason is that gas stations, super markets, and sporting goods stores, will be the top three places that get clogged in the event of an emergency. For your safety you don’t want to be trying to fill up your car before you have to travel. Even with a nonfuel efficient car you should still be able to get at least 120 miles out of half a tank. This should provide you with enough distance to find safety. So for your car’s health and your safety, train yourself to refuel at half a tank.


One thought on “Survival Tip #107

  1. Got a spare corner in the car’s trunk? Include a small pry bar and a jiggle valve siphon.
    OK, slightly contentious but if fuel is low in a survival situation you need the means to scavenge fuel from where ever you can.

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