Survival Tip #112

Survival Tip #112

Loved Ones

We no longer live in a society where four generations of the same family inhabit the same town with every extended aunt, uncle, and cousin as well. My own nuclear family can at any time be 4,000 miles away from each other. At the onset of the Primal Age, many people will lose their lives trying to reconnect with family. Despite what some may think, I am not so cold hearted as to say you should just forget about them and focus on living. Though that would be the greatest chance of your survival family bonds still play a large part in living.

So, if you’re not supposed to forget they exist, and you’re not supposed to go find them, then what are you supposed to do?

You should have a plan. See Survival Tip #110 for more details on an emergency plan.

Not only should you and the family the resides under your roof have an emergency action plan, but this should extend to your loved ones. If you are in a situation like me where your family is spread thousands of miles, everyone should know a set of locations that the ultimate goal is to end up at. I say a set of locations because some locations will be more practical based on the type of Primal Age.

For some members of your family they might find themselves in a safe location they’d rather hole up in then come join you, others might take years to get there, neither of those points matters, what does matter is those you care about will all have a location they can get to regroup, and can do when it is safest.


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