The Annoying ‘Gravity’ Backlash Is Literally Killing Me

Thought Catalog

After watching a movie that everyone loved, there used to be a time when you were damned if you said a bad word about it. If you didn’t like The Dark Knight — or even agree that it was the greatest movie ever made — the burden of proof was on you, the naysayer, to explain in full detail any miniscule problem you had with it. People couldn’t handle anything other than total praise, and to quibble about it’s editing issues or weird plotholes was anathema. I remember when I explained my very minor issues with the film (which I still adored) to a friend outside of the movie theatre, I thought his head might cave in from shock. I reminded him repeatedly how much I admired Nolan’s achievement, but that wasn’t enough. Only perfection was enough.

For me, loving The Dark Knight wasn’t about accepting the movie as perfection…

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