3 Inexpensive Ways To Feed Your Garden Soil This Fall For A Great Garden Next Year!

Old World Garden Farms

There are no two ways about it. Your garden soil is tired and hungry!  It has been using it’s nutrients to feed your fruits and vegetables through the spring and summer – all the while being pounded by rain, wind and the baking hot sun.

It needs fed and put to bed this fall so that it’s ready to come to life again next spring!

When we talk about feeding your garden – we’re talking about giving natural, organic and long-lasting nutrition to your soil – not loading it up with synthetic fertilizers that do little to help the structure of your soil.

Commercial fertilizers are comparable to fast food for your body. They may taste good at first and provide a short term fix to your hunger – but in the long run – they can wreak havoc on your health, or in this case, your soil.

So this fall…

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