Survival Tip #117

Survival Tip #117

Table Leg

We’ve discussed improvisation before when it comes to finding weapons. This one comes as an assist from a friend. Most houses have tables, most tables have legs that you can remove. Legs are well shaped and weighted for bashing in heads. If you disassemble them properly you will ever have two large metal bolts to add to the bashing fun.


One thought on “Survival Tip #117

  1. In the UK people get shot by the police for carrying them in plastic bags.

    29 Oct 2004 – A man who was shot by police in 1999 while carrying a table leg which was mistaken for a gun, was unlawfully killed, an inquest jury ruled today. (Guardian Newspaper)

    Wiki goes on to say “The Crown Prosecution Service decided in October 2005 not to press charges, saying that they “concluded that the prosecution evidence is insufficient to rebut the officers’ assertion that they were acting in self defence”.

    Self defence against a table leg in a plastic bag for the UK police is shoot first, cover up later.

    Point is when you are dealing with a rag tag, badly trained, gun-hoe load of idiots that make up the armed police of the UK, even harsh language is likely to end up with weapons drawn in your direction.

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